Terms and Conditions

1. What is WatZap?

WatZap is a web-based application that can help you to run WhatsApp marketing from your business.

By agreeing to the user policies of WatZap, you are agreeing to all the points below.

If you don’t agree with any of the below points, you have the right to stop and/or not use WatZap as your WhatsApp marketing platform.

WatZap reserves the right to decline your subscription by or without any reason if WatZap deemed that you had broken any of the applicable rules or endangering other parties inside and outside of WatZap application.

2. Services


WatZap will provide the following features:

  • Access to web-based applications with the feature of managing and storing your contacts list.
  • Ability to send messages to hundreds and even thousands of WhatsApp contacts based on the package that you ordered.
  • Advanced features to support your WhatsApp marketing activities.
  • Customer support.
  • Forum and learning with WatZap


To be able to use the features, you will be given an account to use WatZap. Account can be used by anyone that is in possession of your account login credentials.

The account that you registered is the account that will be used for broadcast to your customers or contacts list. Please make sure that you are using the correct account to avoid future email changes.

You are responsible to safeguard your WatZap account. And you are responsible for any of the activities that are done by your account, including multiple users accessing and managing the account at any given time.

3. User Selection

To ensure a safe user environment in WatZap, we have a user selection process in place.

  • User selection process is mandatory and applicable to first time WatZap users after payment and confirmation.
  • User selection means that: Not all subscribers can use WatZap.
  • There are internal criterias to determine if a subscriber is allowed to use WatZap’s services.
  • There will be two possible results: Accepted or declined.
  • If a user was determined as accepted, then the user can use all WatZap’s features.
  • If a user was determined to be declined, then the user may not use WatZap, and the payment will be refunded within 2×24 hours.

4. Usage

After you have finished payment and the payment is confirmed, then the account will be active. At this point, you are agreeing to:

4.1  General Usage

  • Users have read all the Terms & Conditions carefully.
  • Using WatZap’s services only for things related to your business.
  • You are committed to safeguard your own WatZap account access.
  • Users must use legally owned WhatsApp numbers that were not created under influence.
  • Accepting commercial information related to WatZap’s product & services.
  • You cannot change a subscription package if one of the features have exceeded the limit of the lower tier package.
  •  Make sure that the email that you registered as a WatZap account is a gmail or an actively used address.

4.2  Application Usage

  • You are only allowed to send content that is legally allowed to be used and published on the Internet by copyright laws.
  • You are only allowed to import contact databases with consent from the contact information owner.
  • You are only allowed to import an active number database at least 1 year from the day of your last broadcast.
  • Make sure you have validated the WhatsApp number before importing it into your WatZap account.
  • If we find any suspicious data, then the import process may be stopped at any time by our system, and your account may be suspended without refund.
  •  It’s highly recommended that you use a WhatsApp Business number that has been active for a minimum of 30 days.
  • You are not allowed to create a WatZap account using a temporary email (such as 10 minutes email).
  • When using Group Contacts Grabber, it’s recommended to ONLY choose the groups that you want to import. Do not make a broadcast to ALL groups. This can result in your WhatsApp account being banned.
  • It’s recommended to not send more than 100 broadcast messages in 12 hours for one WhatsApp number.
  • If you want to send more than 100 messages in 1 day, please use additional sender numbers.
  •  You are only allowed to use sender number that has fulfilled the below WatZap criterias:
    • Make sure the number has a name, for example: Kopi Kenangan.
    •   The number has a photo, for example: use your business logo.
    •   Include an opening greeting, for example: “Good afternoon, I am Rika from Toyota Sunter”.
    •   Try not to use promotional content in your first broadcast.
  • You are not allowed to impersonate, falsely claim, or forge your identity as another entity/organization.
  • You are not allowed to claim affiliation with any other parties without official documents.

4.3  WatZap Forbids Users to import Illegal Databases

WatZap classifies a database as illegal based on the criterias below:

  • WhatsApp number that is distributed in social media.
  • WhatsApp number that is written in another party’s website/blog.
  • WhatsApp number that is given by other parties, not primarily owned by the user.

4.4  Automatic Database Cleaning

  • WatZap will routinely clean the user database automatically every month without prior notice.
  • Database cleaning is a deletion of WhatsApp numbers that is owned by the user but have never been used to interact with their users, such as opening a broadcast. WatZap will erase such a database after a certain period of time.

4.5  WatZap.id Membership Expiration

  • We will send an email & WhatsApp reminder to inform you regarding the expiration date of your WatZap.id account.
  • The email & WhatsApp reminders will be sent:
    • 7 days before expiry date.
    • 3 days before expiry date.
  • If your account remains inactive after the expiration date, then our system will automatically wipe all the data in your account, including numbers database and any other data.

5. Payment, Refund & Package Change

5.1  Payment

  • You are required to do payment with the amount as instructed, before payment due date. WatZap offers half-yearly and yearly subscription packages.
  • Invoice or billing for service extension will be automatically generated near expiration date.
  • WatZap reserves the right to change the prices at any time.

5.2  Refund/Payment Cancellation

  • Every new WatZap subscriber will have to undergo a manual selection process by our team. If you don’t pass the selection, then you have the right to request a refund.
  • WatZap doesn’t provide a refund.
  • WatZap is a third party application, whose usage (Broadcast feature) is susceptible to the risk of ban by WhatsApp. Every refund request caused by a WhatsApp ban is therefore invalidated.
  • WatZap does not guarantee that all of the features offered will be available forever. Should there be a feature that is no longer working in the future, then you have to be aware that refund is not applicable for this situation.
  • If a WhatsApp number is banned by WhatsApp due to the usage of the WatZap application, refund is not applicable for this situation.

5.3  Package Change

If your usage is exceeding the quota for the package that you’ve selected, then the policy below applies:

  • First, You can upgrade your package by paying the price difference from your current package, and the expiration date will not be changed.
  • Secondly, you can upgrade the package by paying full price for the new package, ending the expiration date for the previous package.

6. Activities And Forbidden Contents

In using WatZap, there are regulations for your usage and contents, which are:
  • You are forbidden from sending a broadcast impersonating other companies without explicit permission.
  • You are forbidden from doing spamming activities. If there’s a sizable number of your numbers banned by WhatsApp, your account will be terminated without prior notice from WatZap.
  • You are forbidden from handing over WatZap account ownership to other parties for any reason.
  • You are forbidden from adding a contact number without the consent of the number’s owner.
  • You are forbidden from subscribing to a package that has less capacity than your number database and cheat the system by sending broadcasts to your contacts, then erasing the entire contact and importing different sets of numbers.
  • You are forbidden from sharing the WatZap training & learning materials to anyone else without permission from WatZap.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents that contain SARA (ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group relations).
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about insurance products in any form.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about selling and buying crypto, blockchain currency in any form.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about banking credit and loans in any form.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about stock and or trading in any form.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about gambling, forgery, or scamming in any form.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about scrapping or data mining without consent of the data owner.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about threat or violence.
  • You are forbidden from sending adult only contents or pornography.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents related to moneygame.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about alcoholic drinks in any form.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents about drugs or pleasure inducing substances such as marijuana.
  • You are forbidden from sending contents that are against religion or moral and law in Indonesia or your country of origin.
  • All negative consequences caused by your activities using your WatZap account is your own responsibility.

7. Content Policy

  • WatZap has the rights to observe the content of the broadcast sent by the user, if required, without needing the user’s consent. For example: When investigating SPAM.
  • WatZap has the rights to reuse the content of the broadcast sent by the user for commercial purposes without needing the user’s consent. For example: Screenshot of the broadcast result for training material.

8. Customer Service

  • For active members, WatZap provides customer service in the form of: Live Chat WhatsApp, Facebook Group & Telegram.
  • WatZap’s customer service handles complaints and other services strictly in office hours: 09.00 WIB until 18.00 WIB.

9. Account Closure

You may request WatZap to close your account after you make sure that all your data is securely backed up and nothing is left in the WatZap platform.

Besides that, if you fail to conduct payment after the account expiration date, then you would not be able to access your WatZap account.

Make sure to keep an eye on your account expiration date and do periodical back-ups. If your account has passed its expiration date, then your data would be lost forever.

10. Privacy

All data that you transfer into WatZap is under WatZap’s responsibility to safeguard. WatZap will not sell your data to any other parties.

WatZap will do everything in its power to safeguard your data, but WatZap does not guarantee data invincibility. There are no security systems that cannot be breached.

Please do periodical backup of your data.

Breach to any of these usage policies may result in your account being closed without prior notice.

These policies and regulations can be changed at any time without prior notice.